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view, July 19th, 2009, 9:20 pm ( Reply )
- That's not any of the high-school guys: that's Misshie's younger brother, 10 years old. The girl he's playing dinosaurs with is Misshie's youngest sister, 6 years old.

Technically, it's not just Misshie's room: there's a bit of a name-plate cold-war in their house... :|

I tried to give Pailey the least feminine walk out on the fourth panel. Heh heh.

Folding screen's the big, touch-sensitive E-paper screen Misshie's family has to work on homework that needs a lot of screen space. Misshie's family is the only family to have one, by which I mean that all the other families have more than one.

That's not actually true: there are a few other families at least as poor as Misshie's in the neighborhood. They live in what would pass for slums if there was any kind of significant population in the Crater.

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